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Creating a Quick GIF

I've been working on learning how to animate some of my illustrations in different ways and have been actively taking classes on Skillshare for that. One class I've taken has been Hand Lettered GIFs by Jamie Bartlett and it is fantastic! It is a quick introduction to making GIFs in Photoshop and Jamie makes it super understandable and really easy! The class really focused on type but I added in a small illustration to mine 😊. It is very easy to customize the skills in this class to work for your idea and that is why I LOVE Jamie's classes! She also has a great class called Animated Illustrations where she walks you through three different ways to animate in Photoshop, one of which I had never dared to tackle...working with MESH 😬. Jamie takes the fear out of working with a mesh in Photoshop and really makes it fun to quickly animate small illustrations in that class. Be sure to check these classes out if you want to make some fun animations of your own using Photoshop! Below is the link to her class!

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