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Illustrations and Patterns

I've been experimenting with surface pattern design and I'm pretty much loving it! Illustrating fashion and makeup and then putting them into photoshop and illustrator and coming up with a pattern that could go on stationary, fabric, almost anything is so cool! I've taken a couple of Skillshare classes that have helped me along in the process and I've linked them below. I loved these classes and feel like this has opened up a realm of possibilities with my small Etsy shop, Project Print. Here's a few patterns that I've put together.

The first class listed is a great class from Ohn Mar Win, one of my favorite Skillshare teachers, on how to create a cohesive and fun collection that buyers will be interested in and have a lot of value for them. This class was great because it has given me perspective as I create, thinking about what elements in my illustrations could be turned into a pattern and them built on to create a fun collection.

The second class is from Dylan Mierzwinski, who is one of my favorite teachers again and who is just fabulous to listen to and gleam knowledge from! This class below is one that is great for all levels of designers and illustrators. It is a class that goes over three or four techniques on transferring your sketches into digital files and then cleaning them up and editing them for maximum awe-factor.

The third class is a great overview of what makes a great pattern collection and what to expect putting your work out there. There is some great resources that Elizabeth talks about and lists and I know this will be a class I will continue to go back to several times.

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