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New Years Resolutions

I'm not really one for New Year's Resolutions - but I do recognize that there is a significance in starting a new year. I do feel like it is a time for a fresh start and a chance to restart. After a bit of a trying year in 2019 - new job and less time to spend on illustration - I lost a lot of confidence in my ability to achieve my goals. I'm hoping that a new year and a new attitude can prevail in 2020 and that I can work toward my goals again. I want to make sketching a daily habit, thats one goal. As easy as it seems, it just isn't for me. I feel tired at the end of the day and the mornings don't always lend themselves to ample time for inspiration. BUT - I've set a goal of 30 days of sketching, every day and I've even given myself an exact subject for each day. I recently purchased the new Vogue Paris 2019-2020 spring collections magazine and I will sketch up one collection a day - not every look, but as much as I can muster. Here are the fruits of my first three days 😊

Day 1- Dior 2020

Day 2 - Chanel 2020

I'm hoping to continue this practice of sketching every day and see where this leads 😊 . I'd love anyone to join me and if you do, I would LOVE to see your sketches as well! Tag me on instagram or post an image below in the comments 😄

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