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Pixi Makeup Maps


Believe it or not, I'm not a glamour gal that knows just how to apply makeup for the perfect look on every occasion. I do love makeup, but here's why - I love makeup because of all the lovely colors and shimmer and packaging design and options and possibilities that makeup represents! Makeup isles and stores to me are like a candy shop - so much fun to look at and admire with endless options of shapes, sizes, flavors and colors. There is something for everyone, for every need, and for every mood!


Now - what I love about Pixi - I love the design yes, and I love the beautiful colors and sparkles, but most of all I love the natural ingredients and lovely fragrance of the products. The Rose Tonic is my favorite at the moment and looking forward to trying the Lip Icings - just saying "Lip Icings" makes me smile!


I also love maps and mapmaking. The idea of an illustration that has a real purpose and some order but splashed with color and lines and illustrations makes me get heart-eyes. So, as I tried to figure out how to smash some of my love of fashion and beauty with some of my need for purpose of design, slowly the idea of Makeup Maps trickled into my brain. I started to really love the idea of creating a magical and imaginary place filled with something I love to look at.

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