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Hi, I'm Lori! I'm an illustrator and with a focus in fashion and beauty themes! I illustrate with bright, vibrant colors and infuse a bit of sparkle and sass in all my work. I have expertise in fashion figure drawing as well as stylized fashion illustration in general. Come look around!

Girls at Flower Market.png
Beauty Product illustration that features Maybelline, Glossier, and Laneige beauty products.
Ulta Beauty Deal Steals - Lori Burt.png
New Ladies 2023 Lori Burt.png

I now have 3 Skillshare classes!

All of them focus Fashion Illustration and are geared towards beginners! Be sure to check it out with my link or just click on the picture! Learn how to sketch fashion just as glamorous as the high fashion collections on the runway!

Fashion Coloring Book 2.png

My High Fashion Coloring Book is Here!

My new high fashion coloring book is here! Complete with spiral top binding and tracing paper between each page! This is really a great book to not only express your creativity but also to help you learn how to sketch out fashion figures!

Monday outfit illustration by Lori Burt
Bright Everyday Cards Lori Burt
Beach Vibes by Lori Burt
Sunday on a Monday recipe illustration
Makeup Sponges repeat pattern - Lori Burt
Fashion Illustration with pink and orange fashions
Mochino spring summer 2023 fashion collection. Moschino fashion collection
Marc Jacobs Fashion collection illustration. Fashion Illustration

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Featured in InStyle Magazine!

InStyle September 2021 Lori Burt_edited.
InStyle July 2021 Lori Burt.png
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