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I now have 3 Skillshare classes!

All of them focus Fashion Illustration and are geared towards beginners! Be sure to check it out with my link or just click on the picture! Learn how to sketch fashion just as glamorous as the high fashion collections on the runway!

Happy 2023 fashion illustration.png
Beauty Product illustration lori burt.jpg
Glow Recipe skincare illustration.png
Fendi fashion illustration of the 2023 fashion collection
Big Shoe repeat Pattern
Beach illustration of girls under umbrellas on the beach by lori burt.png
Fashion Illustration with lemons and hand drawn type
Sunday on a Monday recipe illustration
Makeup Sponges repeat pattern - Lori Burt
Fashion Illustration with pink and orange fashions
Mochino spring summer 2023 fashion collection. Moschino fashion collection
Marc Jacobs Fashion collection illustration. Fashion Illustration

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