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Live-Sketch Events

What is Live-Illustration? 

Live-Illustration is a fun and unique experience for your guests! Guests get to watch as I make them up into a fashion illustration in what they are currently wearing. Fashion illustration is a flattering and chic illustration that guests can then take home as a token of your event. My process is very easy! I snap a quick picture of the guest being illustrated and then within approximately 10 minutes I sketch them up into a lovely fashion illustration! 


What do I get with Lori? 

Guests can watch me sketch or mingle and pick up their sketch at the end of your event. 

With each event, I bring my own supplies, including the sketch paper. I just ask that you provide a table for me to use. Your logo can be added to the sketch paper by emailing me the logo you would like to use. 

I also provide an illustrated invitation to use on your social media channels if you wish (invitation is optional) 


How do I book for an event? 

You can email me here or click the email below! Also, my information is listed below if you wish to contact me another way.


Lori Burt 

Fashion Illustrator and Designer

Instagram: @lbprojectprint 


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