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Another Fun Coloring Page!


I'm so glad you're here! I put together my very first coloring book this year and I have been super excited about it. I sent one special copy off to some nieces of mine and have been so flattered at their interest and enjoyment they seem to be getting out if it! I was so excited to see them using the book that I decided to put together another page for them... and you to download here!

Carolina Herrera's Spring 2021 collection is just stunningly beautiful. It is so feminine with some really beautiful and intricate details! Check out my illustration of it below and download a coloring page to create your own interpretation of what her collection looks like! Also, if you like this page, you can check out my full coloring book here: Lori Burt's Illustrated Coloring Book.

PS - This one's for you June, Hattie and Nora! xoxo

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