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So I've never been big on alcoholic beverages for various reasons, that just me. Of course there is always the occasional New Years Eve toast or a margarita with some delicious Mexican food while out - but that's really it for me. I do however love a fun drink. There are few places that have popped up in Utah that are solely dedicated to mixing sodas in every way possible, which I think is an interesting concept. I think after I had my first baby, I got into the habit of cracking open a Dr. Pepper in the morning before I had to get up and be "mom." It gave me something to look forward to and helped me to actually want to get up and start the day. Since then, my go to drinks are iced coffee and Diet Coke. When I think about getting one or the other, I just feel a little happier, like I have something to look forward to... do you know what I mean? Maybe I see it as a small, tasty break from reality or maybe its become liquid motivation, I'm not sure.

Even though I don't drink alcoholic beverages, I do love a fancy drink! There seems to be a trend of Mocktail recipes that are buzzing around and I'm totally game to try them! Some of them look SOOO good and really fun! I thought it might be a fun project to design some recipe cards for the mocktails that I've seen that I'd like to try. I thought maybe a cute retro vibe or maybe a little midcentury modern would be a fun look 😊

Some great places to check out mocktail recipes that I've found on instagram include: @drinkmonday, @mollymakesdrinks, and @candacemread.

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