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For all the Notebook Lovers out there...

As I began sketching all of the Spring/Summer collections of 2020 Paris Runway, I had a few that I just fell in love with and could stare at all day! One being the Fendi collection as well as the Givenchy collection... really there were about 10 that I LOVED! As I flipped through one of my millions of tiny pocket notebooks, I thought of the idea of putting these illustrated versions of the collections on the covers! I am hopelessly addicted to these tiny notebooks and am a huge fan of the Field Notes brand as well as Moleskine. I haven't ever seen any tiny notebooks adorned with fashion, so I thought maybe this might be a good combo! Take a look below and tell me what you think! Is there a collection past or current that you'd like to see on the front cover of a tiny pocket notebook? 😊 Tiny Notebooks

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